This selection will allow you to work in different areas, performing various activities. Volunteers work in local schools, community and rehabilitation centers. Work varies but generally consists of providing tutoring to local students, setting up small workshops, assisting local teachers, and organizing educational games and activities. As volunteers work with the support local team and placement staff, they do not need to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate. However, we encourage volunteers to come prepared by completing some relevant training.


If art, drama or music is your thing then consider sharing your creative talents on a volunteer project overseas.  A chance to learn about music, drama, art and dance in different cultures and languages and be inspired!



The aim of the Childcare project is for volunteers to provide individual attention and assistance to children from diverse backgrounds. Many children at the placements we work with do not receive the level of affection and education that they deserve, volunteers therefore play an important role in working alongside local staff to improve the educational, emotional and hygiene conditions of the children. Volunteers work in orphanages, community centers, schools and kindergartens. Work varies but generally consists of providing individual attention, playing with children, organizing games and activities, assisting with homework, English classes and educating children about hygiene. 



Clinics and hospitals for low income families in Cusco tend to be under-funded and under-staffed. As a result, volunteers play an important role in assisting local nurses and doctors, dentists and specialists while also learning about the healthcare system in Cusco. It is important that Medical volunteers have realistic expectations with regard to the activities that they will get involved in.


Pre-medical students, first year or second year medical and nursing students can participate in the following areas within the clinic and hospital placements: taking weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, making beds, cleaning, talking with patients, preparing materials, administering vaccinations and sterilizing equipment.


Third and fourth year medical and nursing students, as well as fully qualified medical professionals can also participate in the following areas: cleaning wounds, giving injections and sutures, consult rooms and specialized departments, assisting doctors taking physicals and histories, giving vaccinations, taking records, drawing blood samples, and basic assistance with physiotherapy.


Please note, volunteers need to be training or qualified in a relevant medical field. The level of placement will also be dependent on the volunteer’s level of Spanish, as a basic level is required, but a higher level preferred. All volunteers must bring evidence of their level of education and scrubs and any basic medical equipment or medications they may have. The Medical project has an extra cost of for supervision, materials and the logistics involved in this project.

Animal care


Volunteer in the Dog Shelter and actively participate in fighting the growing street dog problem in Cusco. You can help a motivated and well-organized group of people, in their broad approach of this problem. At the dog shelter, the aim is to assist in the protection of these animals, providing human company, medical treatment, and playtime. All of the dogs that are cared for in the shelter are vaccinated. Tasks include bathing and brushing the dogs, providing basic obedience training, cleaning cages, helping during feeding time, maintaining the shelter grounds, sharing love and affection, and walking and playing with the animals. Other activities may include some small construction projects (i.e. building dog runs and creating fences), along with photography, administration, and fundraising for the shelter’s operations.


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