Payment Methods

The booking is accepted when Active Traveler Peru receives the first deposit from its clients. At this point in time the contract between client and Active Traveler Peru is effective and legally binding. In order to secure the trip, we will require a 30% deposit of the total package price by the time of your booking. The rest of the amount  will be paid in cash in Cusco.



The first  payment can be made using wire money transfer. 
Wire money transfer should be made directly to our bank account 
Payments made via wire money transfer to our bank account in Peru is subject to a 50 USD surcharge. 


Country :                             Perú 

City :                                     Cusco 

Bank :                                   Banco de Crédito del Perú SAC

Account Name:                 Active Traveler Peru Cusco

Account Number:            285-40054617-1-75
SWIFT CODE:                     BCPLPEPL


*Payments made by direct deposit are subject to your local bank charge.



The first payment can be made using credit card via PayPal, Payments  are subject to a 5.4 % surcharge. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express


The first payment can be made via Western Union. Payments  are subject to your local Western Union charge. Please save your Money Transfer control Number and send it  us to . Then we will send you a confirmation.


Name:                                  María Ximena

Last name:                          Villafuerte Acosta

Identity document :        44517082

City:                                      Cusco

País:                                      Peru

Address:                             Urbanización Santa Mónica J-5

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