About us

 Active Traveler Peru is a company dedicated to provide top quality travel services throughout Peru, however we are more than a just a travel company.

When you decide to travel with us, you will not only be visiting the fascinating destinations of our country, but you will also stimulate the development of the communities of the Peruvian Andes.

Our company is pretty serious about being responsible travelers and giving back to the communities we visit.


We are working with development projects in the poor surrounding areas of Cusco and a significant percentage of our margin goes to improve their lives


We has developed a customized travel programs in Peru in order to give you the  opportunity to explore  impressive sites,  learn the language and experience the culture while also being able to give back!


Our purpose is simple, empower travelers to make a positive difference

Traveling with us means

  • Be a change active agent
  • Respect the local culture and customs
  • Go out off the beaten track and get immerse in the real Peru
  • Be part of a sustainable way of tourism and support local economy

Why travel with us


1. Experiences, not sightseeing

We've defining our tour itineraries full of must-see sites and off-the-beaten path experiences you won't find on other tours. But we've also learned that an international tour is more than just a visit to a World Heritage Site. That's why we've built insider access to unique cultural encounters: like sharing a dinner at home with native families, visit local schools, enjoy regional cooking classes and more. We also never underestimate the importance to having fun


2. Tailored to Suit You

Not so interested jus in Archaeological sites?. Maybe a culinary expedition or cooking lesson instead? Ancient art your thing? We can add what you want to your itinerary and introduce you to specialists.

Active Traveler is your partner in creating a trip exactly as you picture it. We can include options as specific as horseback riding, musical events, or carpet shopping. We design travel for special interests whether it be sightseeing and cultural discovery, voluntourism, photography treks, adventures, , whatever you can think up, we can plan for.


3. Makes a great local impact  

An active traveler makes things happen, takes decisions, faces challenges and changes his environment.

We develop our trips to help people become more culturally and environmentally aware. It is his approach that instills a sense of appreciation about the environment, they will experience and the people they will encounter.

We have an impeccable record for integration Rather than exploitation that's why our different programs include Voluntourism and put emphasis on creating a great positive impact on the places we visit


4. Pure, carefree and fun

A trip with Active traveler is a carefree, educational and fun-filled experience  We take care of everything from planning each day's activities and events to ensuring your utmost comfort and safety. You just say how your dream travel is and our specialist well create it for you. Let us escort you on a stress-free travel adventure of a lifetime.


Your Peruvian experience is designed specifically for you, to provide a worry-free experience that will remain a treasured memory.


Our experience and expertise guarantees seamless logistics, excellent accommodation, add-on activities and local tours. Your dedicated, Peru expert planner specializes in your dream weaving and takes pride in ensuring all your questions are answered and requests addressed before you leave, as well as checking in with you during your trip and also upon your return for assurance that everything went well on your dream safari and that you are indeed well satisfied with the service you received.


5. Best Value for your money

You describe your dream Peru holiday to us. Together, we can create the best possible custom-itinerary combination at the most competitive possible price for a wholesome travel expertise and experiences.

Our fair prices for our wholesome services derive from special long-term relationships with varied accommodations and logistical providers which allow us favorable rates as reputable repeat customer of theirs, enabling us to keep your costs below what you would pay if you were to book direct, while giving you the protection of our local presence in Peru.

This value added approach gives you the best prices for the whole of your Peru travel adventure, since it includes not only room prices, but flexible transport, expert itinerary guidance, special activities, access to experienced etc. 

Meet our Team


Fernando Velazco
Travel Consultant
Hi! I am Fernando. I grew up in the city of Cuzco. I am an enthusiastic traveler and very passionate about my country that's why I decided to study Tourism to share my culture and show Peru to the world . I have been working in this beautiful field since 2007. As an experienced travel consultant my goal is  to provide to our visitors the best travel experience in a responsible and sustainable way.



Ximena Villafuerte
Sales Consultant
I traveled for the coast, Andes and jungle of my country and no matters how many times I do, I find it fascinating. Every place of Peru has its charm and my experience help me to gain the skills I need to show it to the travelers. I chose to work at Active traveler Peru because I am excited about the prospect of working for a company that worry about create a impact in the communities that are visited and at the same time provide a life experience to the customers.







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