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Only Machu Picchu ? No, Take a detour Part I

It takes weeks or months to plan our trip and we hope everything will be accord to our plans, but life bring us surprises and being realistic your travel going to be more amazing or worst that planned. Nobody could have the power to change your attitude against the unexpected situations so take a breath, enjoy of the adventure and adapt yourself to the new plans to discover new experiences.
Time ago I traveled to Quillabamba, a little town 4 hours north from Cusco, located in La Convencion valley. Quillabamba produces really good quality of coffee and cocoa and a variety of fruits since part of its territory belongs to the Amazon jungle and has 16 ecological floors.
Its climate can be very cold in the highest part (Abra Málaga) around 4° C and very hot in the lower part , 26°C.
It’s not very touristic and it doesn’t appear on the top attractions of Cusco, but maybe it’s because it takes 2 extra hours (from Ollantaytambo) to arrive there. You should take the same road to go from Cusco to Ollantaytambo but then instead of take the train to Aguas Calientes you take a detour until arrived at the most high point, Abra Málaga, (4,297 masl ).If there is a good weather, you will see the snow mountain called as Veronica, situated on the National Protected Area as the same name. Abra Malaga separates great valleys, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Valley of the Convention, the Andes from the entrance to the jungle.
The landscape is singular, very humid and with fog, a lot of little creeks on the mountains and deep chasms. It is home to a variety of birds and the spectacled bear, mammal in danger of extinction.
From here, the route begins to descend and the landscape will change drastically with an increasingly exuberant vegetation. This road is very used to make the descent by bicycle, however, you should contact a good agency to provided you a good quality equipment.

Good actions, good prices for firemen

Hello again, This time I want to write about the benefits that you have in my country if you are fireman, well … they are zero. I live in Peru if you dont know me yet and I work since a long time in travel industry. I always maked feel bad when a fireman asked me if there is any special price to him and I very shamed said NO. Inside me I felt impotent, how it is possible that many women and man be volunteers fireman and every day risk their lifes and doesn’t have any consideration from the goverment or private company ?. I must clear that in Peru there isn´t any salary for firemen, the job conditions are bad and the rescue equipement is very old, add to it that there are a lot of accidents. But leaving the side of the money, i really think the one should have a high level of empathy in order to spend her time ans risk his life for a complete stranger. In times where everybody is running to achive something and doesn´t take a moment to care other people, and it is common to think that our value is proportional direct with the amount of things produced. Be firemen is excluive for people who believe that can change this world with their actions.

Thats why Action Traveler Peru company is the first one to offer a special price on our tour to PERU to everyfireman, from every country in the world and from any age. We do it because it is apart of our company philosophy, Take Action would Change Things, someting thar my dear firemen know very we



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